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CHCA uses Christian curriculums that help students form a Biblical worldview and prepares them to be responsible and independent adults.


CHCA's K5 program uses Abeka curriculum to keep learning lively, interesting and memorable. The materials reflect sensible theory that is firmly anchored to practicality. Abeka is widely known for its excellence in preparing young students to be above proficient readers.

CHCA believes that students should have a curriculum that encourages high academic standard. Accelerated Christian Education is taught for 1st-12th grade. This curriculum recognizes that students perform at different levels. The unique format of the curriculum allows students to advance from unit to unit at their own pace. Students move independently through curriculum under the supervision of teachers.

"Having the opportunity to study in an environment that enables students to grow, both academically and spiritually, was a blessing. In the midst of challenges, I was confident because the people at CHCA had invested in my life and not simply in my education. Also, the model of studying at your own pace taught me personal responsibility for learning, which is expected once you reach the university and graduate level. God is good! "

Hoyt Denton, 2010 CHCA Graduate

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