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Coffee Corner: Poetry Slam

Featuring Learning Center 2

If I were a dog,

I’d meet a hog,

and get a hot dog,

and eat it in the fog.

Abby, 4th grade

Racoons are black.

They like to ride on my back.

They are my friends,

and we do TikTok trends.

Bella, 3rd grade

I hate cats,

and I love hats.

I hate chili,

and poems are silly.

Duke, 4th grade

My dog is my brother.

My cat is my hat.

My hat is my pat.

My pat is my mat.

My mat is my beans.

My beans are my memes.

My memes are my meats.

Landon, 3rd grade

My dog is furry,

but too purry.

My mat is to bat,

but is sat.

Gauge, 4th grade

Poems are hard.

I wrote this on a card.

It didn’t make sense.

We’ll sit on the fence.

Miss Lauren, Teacher

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