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Story Time with Students: Amy Hennifer in the Chicken Club

By Kenlea

2nd Grade

Amy Hennifer is a very fat chicken. She really likes her groceries. When she goes to the store, she steals other people's groceries. She's not a bad chicken, she's just chunky.

One day, Amy Hennifer went to a Chicken Club with her friend, Jilly Bug. She met chickens named Henry, Karen and Frankie. She decided to sleep there.

Then a possum got in and tried to steal Jilly Bug's eggs. Jilly Bug was in the possum's way.

"Excuse me," the possum said. "Can I get your eggs?"

"NO!" Jilly Bug said.

Amy Hennifer saw the possum trying to get Jilly Bug's eggs. She ran with Jilly Bug inside their owner's house. Frankie and Karen followed along. Then Dad-Human came out.

"Excuse me, possum," said Dad-Human. "Do you mind getting out?"

The possum said, "How dare you say that to me! I am the Queen of all possums."

Dad-Human said, "Excuse me."

"Won't you spray some air freshener in here?" said the possum. "It smells like poop."

"I'm going to get my gun if you don't come out," said Dad-Human.

"Fine," said the possum. The possum got out.

Amy Hennifer said, "Look the possum is gone! You can have your eggs!"

Jilly Bug said, "Ohhhh! Thank you, Amy Hennifer!"

Then, Mr. Crane the Crane flew over and said, "What happened?"

"A possum got into our coup and tried to eat Jilly Bug's eggs," said Frankie.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End

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