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Story Time with Students: Doge - Part 1

By Gauge

4th Grade

Doge is a rare dog that is a Shiba Inu with yellow and orange fur. He has a curled tail and has straight ears.

One day, Doge decided to go into the Forbidden Woods. Suddenly, he hears something in the distance. He peeked into the bushes and an Evil Doge is looking back. Regular Doge begins to run away!

“WOW WOW!” Regular Doge cries as he runs away from Evil Doge.

“GET BACK HERE!” Evil Doge creepily says.

Regular Doge finds an abandoned Doge City. He jumps through a broken glass window. Evil Doge gives up the chase as Regular Doge explores the city. But then Evil Doge spotted him once again and started the chase.

Regular Doge dives and slides under the city wall that was coming down. Evil Doge tripped and face plants into the wall.

Regular Doge is safe and begins to make his journey home. He gets home and goes to bed.

The next day, he gets up and goes outside for a walk. He falls backwards and lands into the Backrooms, and he gets caught by The Monster. Doge wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

Stay tuned for part 2

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