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Story Time with Students: Genie Gets Lost

My favorite stuffy is a squishmallow named Genie. She’s a purple octopus with a pink headband and cute buns on the top. Genie is special because Miss Lauren gave it to me. My favorite thing to do with Genie is squish her. I take her on long trips so I can use her as a pillow, and I sleep with her every night in my bed. Genie makes me feel happy when I hug her. When I see Genie, I think of Miss Lauren.

By Oakley

2nd Grade

Once upon a time, there was an octopus named Genie. She was cute and soft, and she had lots of friends. She was dark pink and purple with some black spots. She wore a headband and had two space buns.

Genie had a best friend named Belle who was a cat-mermaid. Belle was pink, teal and white. She also wore a matching headband. Genie and Belle enjoyed swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, playing Octopus Ball and being crafty together.

Genie and Belle took a swim to the Ocean Mall to get more cute, matching headbands. Genie got distracted by the good smelling tuna fish and swam away from Belle. Belle was sad when she realized that Genie was missing. Belle began looking everywhere for Genie. She looked in the matching headband store. Then she looked in the candy store. Then she looked in the stuffed animal store. Genie was no where to be found. Belle began swimming as fast as she could.

Genie also kept swimming towards the tuna fish melts until she realized she was lost in the Ocean Mall. Genie was began to swim and find Belle, but they couldn't find one another. Genie pulled out her Octopus phone and dialed Belle's number. Belle picked up her cat-mermaid phone.

"Hello?" said Belle. "Who is this?"

"It's me, Genie!" said the octopus.

"Where are you at?" asked Belle.

"Well, I'm at the tuna fish store," answered Genie.

"STAY THERE!" Belle yelled. "I'll come and get you!"

Then they found each other at last. They swam home.

The End

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