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Story Time with Students: Goose and His Cool New Sunglasses

By Landon

3rd Grade

Goose the cat has new sunglasses from the store. He bought them for $100. They are blue and green. He loves them so much.

But when he went to a hotel, he got up and lost them. He cried, and he was sad.

He yelled all day, "BOOHOO! WA WA WA WA WA WA!"

So he got kicked out and the manager got fired.

"Yay!" Goose said.

"WAHA!" cried the manager.

The boss cried, "WA WA WA!" because he had to fire the manager.

When the cleaning lady went to clean up Goose's room, she found the missing sunglasses and mailed them to him. But they were the wrong sunglasses, so she bought a new pair for Goose.

Then Goose partied and had catnip. And all his buds came. They had so much fun.

"Yay! Oh yeah, buddy!" said Goose the Cat.

The end

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