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Story Time with Students: Jerry’s Tales of Adventures – Chapter 1

By Joel

6th Grade

Jerry is a sunflower who likes to go on adventures. Here is a picture of Jerry.

He lives in a little house on a hill. He also has a best friend named Bart.

Anyway, one day Jerry decided to go on an exciting adventure with Bart. They decided to go to an ancient city on a big cloud above the ocean. So, they got their weapons and supplies. Bart had a carrot bow, and Jerry had a sword that can create a miniature black hole to bring things to the sword when he wants to. After they got their weapons and food and stuff, they were ready to go on their adventure.

They started their journey by going to a castle where inside there was a map that showed the way to the ancient city. There was a golden sunflower next to the door of the castle and they said to him, “Hi, do you have the map to the ancient city?”

Then the golden sunflower said, “Hi, my name is Savani. I am a prince and my father is the king. His name is George. Anyway, yes, I do have the map, and I heard there is treasure at the ancient city. I’ll make you a deal: I’ll give you the map and some royal llamas to ride if you bring back some of the treasure for me.”

They accepted the deal, got on their new llamas, and left on their journey again.

Once they started riding, they opened up the map and looked for where to go next. They had to go through a pine forest. The path led straight through one. The pine forest became dark the further into the trees and lots of fireflies lit up beautifully making the forest look magical. There were also blueberry bushes which they stopped and ate lunch from.

Once they had been traveling for awhile, they spotted a house and decided to ask if they could stay the night there. When they knocked on the door, an elf answered, and they asked him, “Hi, what is your name? I’m Jerry, and my friend’s name is Bart. We were wondering if we could sleep here tonight? We will leave in the morning.”

And the elf said, “Hi, my name is Bruce, and I probably have room for you guys to stay the night, so I guess you can stay for one night.”

So, they went into Bruce’s house to sleep. When they first stepped in his house, it smelled very nice, and the place was very well kept and clean. Bruce showed them the room they could sleep in, and they also tied their llamas to a tree. It was now completely nighttime so Jerry and Bart decided to go to sleep.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2

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