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Story Time with Students: JimBob Saves Christmas

By Landon

3rd Grade

One day, Santa was taking the test-drive sleigh for a test ride around the world. There were five days until Christmas, and so much was left to do including the reindeer training for the big night.

As they flew over Canada, a blizzard came upon them, and Rudolph had trouble seeing. Rudolph lost control and crashed into candy cane factory. The test-drive sleigh with Santa and the reindeer were covered in candy canes and snow. The sleigh was destroyed! Luckily Santa had pulled the airbag.

Blitzen began to cry. He hated candy canes!

Rudolph looked around and said, “Why would I do this? I’m a horrible reindeer!”

“Yes, you are!” cried Blitzen.

Santa had no idea how to get back to the North Pole. There was no sleigh to carry them. “What are we going to do?” asked Santa.

JimBob, who owned the candy cane factory, heard the crash and came running out of his bedroom with his son, Bob. They saw the disaster in front of them.

“We’re going to be homeless!” Bob cried.

“No, we're not, son,” JimBob said. “Santa, what happened?”

“The blizzard became too hard. We couldn’t see, and we crashed,” Santa said. “Our sleigh is broken. We can’t get back to the North Pole.”

JimBob said, “You can use my son’s old snowmobile, if you want to!”

“That would be great,” said Santa.

Santa and JimBob got to work hooking up the reindeers to Bob’s old snowmobile.

“JimBob and Bob! Since your factory is destroyed, how about making candy canes in the North Pole with my elves?” Santa asked.

“That would be great!” They said.

They all loaded onto the snowmobile, and the reindeer took off back to the North Pole. And the candy cane factory ran five times as fast under JimBob’s leadership.

The end

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