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Story Time with Students: MAAA the Potato Cat

By Abby

4th Grade

MAAA was a cat who wore a pink and white hat. He was bad, but sometimes good. He was a cool dude, but was dumb.

MAAA was sad because he was homeless, but then he found an owner. Then he met a dog friend named Booha. Booha was so mean to him and chased MAAA out of his home. MAAA was homeless again.

Booha the Golden Retriever found MAAA in a forest in Africa and bit him and sucked his blood. MAAA was dead.

Then he rested in peace.

But one day, MAAA remembered Booha and decided to get revenge. He came back and began to haunt Booha. Then MAAA the Potato Cat’s ghost stole Booha’s food until Booha starved to death. It was taking too long so MAAA poisoned his food. During the night, Booha passed away.

Booha’s haunted ghost met up with MAAA to apologize for being mean, but MAAA cast a spell to trap him in a magic mirror.

“I got my revenge,” said MAAA.

But Booha got the last laugh because on the way into the room, Booha locked the door behind MAAA and MAAA could never escape.

Then they both died again and rested not in peace.

They lived horribly.

The End

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