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Story Time with Students: Petunia the Reindeer

By Bella 3rd Grade

Petunia the reindeer was born blue. She had pointy horns that were sparkly green and had purple. She loved God and Jesus so much she could pass out.

One day, Petunia went swimming and she saw a boy reindeer. “Hi,” Petunia said.

“Hi,” he said. “My name is Francesco. What is your name?” “Petunia!” She answered.

They became best friends, and Petunia had a big crush on Francesco. One day, Petunia said, “I like you.”

And Francesco said, “I like you, too.”

They hugged and continued to play.

Summer became winter and it snowed. They pounced all over the place so then the snow had reindeer hoof prints everywhere.

Francesco and Petunia went to the place they swam at in the summer and ice skated. They fell down and laughed on the cold ice before returning home to drink hot chocolate. It made their body’s warm. They shared a kiss and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. They fell asleep and Santa delivered presents. Then the morning came around and they opened their presents, and they got stuffed teddy bears.

The End

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