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Story Time with Students: The Adventure of Goose Moose

By Noah

4th Grade

Once upon a time in 2022, there was an animal named Goose. His last name was Moose. He was very furry and had a bill and antlers. He was very cute. He had feathers and also had fur.

He was walking in the forest. He heard a noise. It was a sound he never heard before. It jumped at him. It was a bear! He has never seen a bear before. It had sharp teeth and matted fur. It was the scariest thing he’s ever seen.

Goose was fighting the bear. The bear was not scared at all so he smacked Goose. But Goose kept on fighting still.

Then a lion came out and fought the bear, and they won!

But then it all changed. The lion was trying to eat Goose. But Goose did not get eaten. He just kept on fighting. Then he won!

Then Goose went home and took a class to protect himself and other people.

The End

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