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Story Time with Students: The Cat Kingdom

By Joel

7th Grade

There is a legend about a kingdom of cats long ago. It was in an underground crystal mine. They got from place to place using the mine carts left from the people who built the mine. Little by little, war made the people leave so the cats moved in. The cats had been living there for 12 years and had a population of 72 cats. They had built a crystal castle out of sapphire and gold. They also had a king. His name was Savain. He had named his kingdom Cattington.

Anyway, one day as the cats were just waking up, they were hearing some heavy walking, and they didn’t know what it was. Because of this, the king sent out some scouts to see what it was. When the scouts got there, they saw at the entrance of the cave that the people from 12 years ago moved back into their old city, and they were entering the cave again. The people saw the cats and tried to catch them, but the cats barely escaped. Sadly, the people did catch one of them and hold him hostage as they followed the cats home.

When the cats got there, they quickly told the king what had happened and the king prepared his kingdom for the attack, but the cats didn’t know why the people were attacking them. When the people got to the city, the cats asked them, “Why are you attacking us?”

The people then said, “Our king went missing in this cave 12 years ago, and we have returned to find him. We thought you might have captured him.”

Just then, Savani stepped forward and took of his crown. As he did this, he turned into a human. The people then realized that he was their king. Then Savani said, “During the war, I was captured, and after awhile I managed to escape, but when I returned everyone was gone. So I came in this cave and I found a chest with this strange crown in it. But when I put it on, I turned into a cat, and I also found this kingdom of cats. So, I decided to stay here until you people returned. But now that you have, returned, I shall combine both kingdoms.”

So, the cat kingdom and the kingdom of people were combined, but there were still other magical crowns out there.

The end

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