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Story Time with Students: The Legend of the Christmas Bear

By Caden 10th Grade

Once upon a time, there was a black bear that lived in the Ozark Mountains. He was preparing for hibernation in late November. This is about the same time all of the villages were starting to decorate for Christmas. The bear was wondering around when he went a little too far. He stumbled upon one of these few villages and saw the Christmas lights. He had never seen anything like it, so he went to take a closer look. As he got closer to the gates, the sun set and everybody fell asleep. He quietly snuck in and found the lights. He thought to himself, “Wouldn’t this be nice in my cave so I don’t have to be scared of the dark anymore?” So, he slowly reached up and started taking them down. He took them back to his cave and hung them up.

The next morning when the people in the village woke up, they were confused where their lights went. But they went and bought more and continued their day.

That night, the bear went back to the village and started to take their other decorations so he could continue to decorate his cave. The villagers were confused, and they set out traps. But the bear was too smart. He dodged all the traps and started to take Christmas trees and stockings.

Christmas was a few weeks away, and the village had no decorations! They asked themselves, “What are we going to do?!”

They ended up getting the FBI involved because they had no clue who was doing it. The FBI got there the next day and tried to get fingerprints or find any clues, but they had nothing. They ended up sitting out all night and waiting, but no one ever showed up. The bear never came because he had no more interest in the village; he had taken everything. The FBI couldn’t find anything, so they left that morning.

One day, a man and his son took a hike in the woods because that was their tradition every first of December. But that year, they saw something strange: a cave lit up with Christmas lights, trees and presents of all sorts! They solved the mystery!

But another problem approached them: How were they going to get all this stuff back to their village?

“Well,” his son said. “Bears hibernate and he should be asleep.”

So they walked up to the cave, and sure enough, the bear was hibernating. They got the whole village to help take the decorations back to the village.

When the bear woke up in spring, all of his decorations were gone. But there was one present left. When he opened it, there were lights and note that read “From: Villagers, To: Barry.” He kept those lights up year round.

The End

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