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Story Time with Students: The Secret Santa

Duke 4th Grade

Once upon a time, there was a school called Forest Hollow Christian Academy. It was Winter 1837 in Greenland.

On Monday, they were doing arithmetic when the teacher interrupted and said, “We’re going to do a secret Santa!”

Everybody was happy, except one kid name John Bank. He was the school bully.

They wrote down the names: John B., John C., Jayden, Timmy, Nolan, Jayda, Jonah and Noah. They put them in the box and shook it up and let them draw names. John C. got Jayda; Jayda got Noah; Noah got Jayden; Jayden got Nolan; Nolan got Jonah; Jonah got Timmy; Timmy got John B.; John B. got the teacher; and the teacher got John C. They all took it home that day and when they got home, they looked who they got. Some were happy but some were mad because they didn’t get who they wanted.

Timmy was the most upset because he got John B. Timmy didn’t like John B. because he punches Timmy even when the teacher was looking — the teacher was scared of John B.! Timmy thought it would have been funny to give John B. a lump of coal because he was a bully and was not on the nice list.

They all came back to school one week later with their presents. Some kids got yo-yo’s and some kids got books. Some kids got food.

It was time for John B. to open his present from Timmy. When he unwrapped the gift and saw the lump of coal, John B. laughed. He didn’t even like Christmas anyways!

Don’t be like the Grinch or John B.

The End

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