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Story Time with Students: The Wacky Science Experiment

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

By Duke

4th Grade

Once upon a time, there was a scientist named John Beaswacks. He was trying to bring dinosaurs back to life. He was using all sorts of animal DNA. He used a cow, dog, goose and pig. His partner was Bob Light. Bob was trying to make dragons come back to life.

But something went very wrong.

John accidentally used not only his DNA but Bob's DNA. Then, an explosion happened, and John Beaswacks got turned into a cow-dog-goose-pig that could breathe fire. He was stronger than the strongest man in the world, and he could fly. So, he flew up and broke through the ceiling, and when people saw him they screamed. They all ran to get inside.

Once night time came, everything was still until John (as the cow-dog-goose-pig-monster) flew through burning everything – even the police station. The police ran out to see the monster. They went in and got their weapons, but by the time they came back the monster was gone and terrorizing the next city.

So, it went on and on and on for twenty years until one day a hunter shot him with ten sleepy darts. He fell to the ground. The hunter brought him to a research lab. They put him in a cage. They weighed him, took his picture and got his height, and put him back in his cage. He weighed twenty tons. He was twenty feet tall. Then, they got his DNA sample. Then the monster woke up, and they got a sample to cure him. The scientist shot him with another sleepy dart, and then shot the cure at him. The monster turned back into John Beaswacks.

The End

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